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In addition to preparation of the Consolidated Financial Statements by Companies with one or two subsidiaries, this firm has been able to prepare consolidated financial statements of Social Security Insurance Organization for the first time with 106 subsidiaries for two continuous years and also consolidated financial statements of the companies of Iran Industrial Estates Co. with 28 subsidiaries for 12 subsequent years and also the Iran Mineral Industry and Mines Renewal and Development Organization (IMIDROO) with more than 35 subsidiaries for 8 subsequent years. Based on the indicated experience background, accompanied by the usage software facilities and collection of the relevant Forms and utilization of specialized Instructors from recognized universities in Iran with the useful historical background of managers and personnel of this firm in auditing affairs and preparation of the Consolidated Financial Statements in addition to the ability for preparing consolidated financial statement in the companies with many subsidiaries, having various multifarious activities, this Firm can also provide the possibility to audit such consolidated company financial statements with several subsidiaries. Practical experiences background with supporting records of managers and partners in the firm have been evidenced with a support force to hold several instructional courses for staffs in other auditing firms and professional organizations and institutes such as the Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants.

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