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مزایای همکاری با موسسه حسابرسی کاشفان

سازمانها امروزه نه تنها به دنبال راه حل های مقرون به صرفه برای فعالیت غیرعملیاتی مانند خدمات حسابداری و خدمات مالیاتی هستند، بلکه انتظار دارند با کنترل و مدیریت بهتر پارامترهای مالی از قبیل گردش نقدینگی، نسبت های مالی و … بهره وری و سودآوری کسب و کار خود را افزایش دهند. علی رغم اینکه خدمات حسابداری و خدمات مالیاتی به عنوان فعالیت غیر عملیاتی محسوب می شود، اما خدمات حسابداری و مالیاتی جزء جدایی ناپذیر از قابلیت های عملیاتی سازمان و عملکرد سیستماتیک است. بنابراین، برون سپاری خدمات حسابداری و خدمات مالیاتی به شرکت حسابداری مشاورین تهران و شرکا قطعا به ساده سازی و رشد عملیات اصلی کسب و کار مشتریان کمک می کند.


Financial and tax audit of domestic companies

Due to the long history of the institute’s partners in the auditing profession, during the past years, several companies and organizations have benefited from the auditing and statutory inspection services of this institute. The Explorers Institute is an institution approved by the Iranian Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants, the Tehran Stock Exchange Organization, and the Auditing Organization.In this regard, Kashfan Institute is responsible for auditing and legal inspection of various companies and organizations such as Iran Tobacco Company, Central Rural Cooperative Organization of Iran, Iran Airports Company, Lorestan Meat Company, Al-Mahdi Aluminum Complex, Iran Aluminum Company (Iralco ), Iranit Company Nation,Karaj Sugar Production Company, Pars Faner Company, Kish Khodro Company, Irfo Company, Subsidiaries of Sanat Construction Company affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Safum Company, Poly Sun Company, Rahan Tavan Company, Limondis Company, Mahban Company, Iran Kember Company, Tehran Sewing Company Machine, Parnian Mahyar Company, Senus Company, Iran Aid Company, Continuity Company, Derna Avand Technical and Engineering Company, Shahrdaroo Company, Atieh Alvand Leasing Company, Ima Electronic Development Consulting Company (Mega) and have been in charge.

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Financial and tax audit of foreign companies in Iran

Due to the scientific and experimental backgrounds of the partners and the relationship with international auditing firms, during the past years, several companies representing foreign companies in Iran have used the auditing services of this institute. In this regard, the following companies are mentioned:Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Armashin Company (representing Magneto Italy), Forough Darya Shipping Company (representing MSC Switzerland), Daryadrakhsh Shipping Company (representing YML China), Omid Darya Company (representing Merchant shipping company of China), Mazand Darya Company (representing Hangin China Shipping Company), Pars Oshan Company (representing Hoyer China Shipping Company), Scosier Company (representing Emirate Singapore Shipping Company), Ital Saab Company (representing Tenax Italy), Marobni Iran Company (representing Marobeni Japan), Iranian branch of Borovoritas International Registry France, branch of ABE POWER Macedonia.

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Advice on tax and insurance

Relying on the scientific degrees and long records of the institute’s partners in finance, taxation and insurance, Kashfan Institute has had valuable experiences in resolving tax and insurance problems of private and public companies. Considering that legal issues, especially the law of direct taxes, and the directives and opinions issued by the Supreme Tax Council have subtleties, and the application of these subtleties requires its own experience and expertise, valuable experiences and long records of partners and proper performance of the organization. From various stages of dispute resolution boards and the High Tax Council and other authorities, the provision of such services to applicants is considered. This company is currently the insurance consultant of Unilever Iran.

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Preparation of consolidated financial statements

In addition to preparing consolidated financial statements of companies that normally have one or two subsidiaries, this company has been able to comply with the National Accounting Standards of Iran for the first time consolidated financial statements of the Social Security Organization with 106 subsidiaries for two consecutive years and consolidated financial statements Iran Industrial Towns Company with its 28 subsidiaries for 12 consecutive years and also the Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran (Imidro) with over 35 subsidiaries for 8 consecutive years.
The mentioned experiences along with applied software facilities and forms and using the expertise of teachers of prestigious universities in the country and useful records of managers and staff of the institute in auditing and preparing consolidated financial statements in addition to the ability to prepare consolidated financial statements of companies with many subsidiaries. With diverse and consistent activities, it also provides the possibility of auditing consolidated financial statements. Practical experiences and scientific backgrounds of managers and partners of the institute have been a support for holding training courses for the staff of the Auditing Organization and the Society of Certified Public Accountants.

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Special audit

In addition to financial and tax audits, according to the experiences of partners and managers of the institute, special services for various companies have been carried out by this institute. East Plateau iron ore and Sepahan Oil Company are mentioned.

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Internal Audit

According to the experiences of partners, managers and staff of the institute, internal audit of 5 branches of the Bank of Industry and Mines in Tehran and different cities for the financial years of 2006, 2007 and 2008 has been performed by this institute.

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Other professional services

Since the partners and managers of this institute have a long history in the field of accounting and special financial services, many companies and organizations have different professional services such as conducting special investigations and preparing special review reports, reporting reports and designing accounting information systems, accounting business. And have prepared tax returns and… have been used. Among the users of such services can be the companies of Iran Telecommunication Factories, Fars and Khuzestan Cement Company, Sepehr Electric, Kashan Velvet and Silk, Iran Butterfly Belt, Pak Vash, Toli Press, Paxan, Iran Tobacco Company, Karun Cement Company, Bargh Lameh Company, etc.

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Other consulting services

In addition to tax consulting and planning services and the preparation and submission of tax defense bills, this institution is ready to provide consulting services in the following cases: Feasibility studies and financial evaluation of economic and technical projects, Organizational structure planning and design, Operations management and comprehensive budgeting, Financial planning and analysis, Design and deployment of information systems, Management of financial and physical investments, Financial risk management.

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خدمات حسابداری موسسه حسابرسی کاشفان

Accounting services are a wide range of services that are done to manage the financial affairs of businesses. In fact, all financial services in businesses include accounting services and are directly related to it. Accounting services are generally provided to businesses by some companies. Businesses can contract with accounting companies, benefit from their accounting services and leave their finances in the hands of experts in this field.

Part of the top accounting and auditing services

Institutional certificates

Holds a certificate from a member of the Iranian Society of Certified Public Accountants, is a trustee of the Tehran Stock Exchange, is an independent accountant, is a member of the Iranian Public Accountants.

Quarterly sales report

In addition to legal offices (newspapers and general) and business offices (income and expenses), tax officials also rely on Moody’s bills to determine taxable income, one of which is the quarterly sales report.

Send value added declaration

Instruction of the Tax Affairs Organization, the tax auditor must submit the tax report along with the relevant documents to Modi so that she can provide it to the Tax Organization as appropriate.

Preparation of financial and tax statements

The complete set of financial statements is prepared according to accounting standards including balance sheet, profit and loss statement, comprehensive income statement, cash flow statement and explanatory notes.