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Kashefan Auditing Institute

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Financial and tax audit of foreign companies in Iran

Due to the scientific and experimental backgrounds of the partners and the relationship with international auditing firms, during the past years, several companies representing foreign companies in Iran have used the auditing services of this institute. In this regard, the following companies are mentioned:Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Armashin Company (representing Magneto Italy), Forough Darya Shipping Company (representing MSC Switzerland), Daryadrakhsh Shipping Company (representing YML China), Omid Darya Company (representing Merchant shipping company of China), Mazand Darya Company (representing Hangin China Shipping Company), Pars Oshan Company (representing Hoyer China Shipping Company), Scosier Company (representing Emirate Singapore Shipping Company), Ital Saab Company (representing Tenax Italy), Marobni Iran Company (representing Marobeni Japan), Iranian branch of Borovoritas International Registry France, branch of ABE POWER Macedonia.