Kashefan Auditing Institute

Kashefan Auditing Institute

(Certified Public Accountants)

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Preparation of consolidated financial statements

In addition to preparing consolidated financial statements of companies that normally have one or two subsidiaries, this company has been able to comply with the National Accounting Standards of Iran for the first time consolidated financial statements of the Social Security Organization with 106 subsidiaries for two consecutive years and consolidated financial statements Iran Industrial Towns Company with its 28 subsidiaries for 12 consecutive years and also the Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran (Imidro) with over 35 subsidiaries for 8 consecutive years.
The mentioned experiences along with applied software facilities and forms and using the expertise of teachers of prestigious universities in the country and useful records of managers and staff of the institute in auditing and preparing consolidated financial statements in addition to the ability to prepare consolidated financial statements of companies with many subsidiaries. With diverse and consistent activities, it also provides the possibility of auditing consolidated financial statements. Practical experiences and scientific backgrounds of managers and partners of the institute have been a support for holding training courses for the staff of the Auditing Organization and the Society of Certified Public Accountants.